Our Company


The Caylix Group is as diverse as its people and its clients. Caylix was established as a result of a changing business and economic environment. The Caylix group believes that wealth generation should not be limited to a single business or economic sector. The successful modern business person is one that can multi task, is driven by economic success, embraces social responsibility, believes in a core value of “learn and grow”, cares for the environment and is willing to share not only information, but also their skills.

As can be seen by Caylix’s specialized Divisions, the group consists of many multifaceted disciplines from Investment and Private Equity, through Business Consulting, Property and Development, Oil Fuel and Retail, Tourism and Hospitality,  right down to Sport Management, to name but a few.

It is exactly this multi discipline approach that drew people together with vast amounts of business experience and knowledge. Caylix has at its disposal some of the most successful business people and academics in South Africa, people who are driven by a passion to “learn and grow”, a passion to uplift and develop and a passion to share knowledge and skills.

Caylix believes passionately that change can only be brought about by the sharing of knowledge and skills, and the mentoring and assistance to entrepreneurs who form the backbone of not only the South African, but also the Southern African economies. Caylix believes that wealth must first be created, that wealth can be shared by willing participants, and that sustainable upliftment can only take place through training and development.

We at Caylix, invites you to contact us and see how we can assist each other in creating wealth and positively influence the future of South Africa.


Would you like to become part of the Caylix team? Caylix seeks to hire exceptional people to complement its team of professionals. If you can demonstrate academic and work experience excellence and unwavering commitment to act in the best interests of our shareholders, please send a brief CV and single-page motivational letter to cv@caylix.co.za.

Any information that you submit to us will be treated confidentially and will be used only for the purpose of evaluating your suitability for employment at Caylix. We will not share your personal information with third parties without your express permission.

By submitting your information to Caylix, you declare that the information submitted is accurate, true and complete and that the information has not been submitted on behalf of another person. We will acknowledge receipt of your information. This acknowledgement should not be considered to be an offer of employment.